Delicious pasta by Uxia

Pasta with poached eggs 

Ingredients for 5 people:
450 gr of pasta
500 gr of tomato sauce
250 gr of "chorizo" (red sausage)
250 gr of ham
250 gr of grated cheese
5 eggs
Some salt
A fry pan
An oven
A drinking
 First you cook the pasta in boil water.
Chop the chorizo and the ham and fry in a pan.
Then you put the pasta in a baking tray and you add the tomato sauce and the ham , the red sausage "chorizo" and grated cheese.
Put the pasta in the oven.
And in 20 minuts are perfect to eat.
Finally you can fry eggs and put them on the pasta.
It´s a delicious recipe and easy to do.
Thanks Uxia!

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