A book exchange club

Source:BBC news

Old payphone boxes have become increasingly useless since most of us prefer calling through our mobile phones.
Many phone booths were in a bad condition so in the small community of Little Eaton they decided to buy one and recycle it as a real public library: you take a book and leave one in the red telephone booth,  look at the picture and see  what their library looks like.
"We've got the butcher, a chemist, a doctor, pubs and shops but we didn't have a library," they said.
So they bought this phone box for only 1 pound and the idea was followed by as many as 770 communities in the United Kingdom.
You can see that a phone box is not always a phone box, it can also be a library or anything else, remember you can do whatever you want or go wherever you like, it depends on your imagination only.
Source:FSB Associates

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