Spot the difference

Music Box is a "Spot the difference" game: thee are two pictures that look the same but theya re not. You just have to find the differences without any help and click on it. (There is a "hint" if you need it, but you will lose some points). And if you restore the game, the differences will not be the same ones.
And more here: FunBungames.com
Do  you like Sherlock Holmes stories? If so, you sure know about "Elementary" on TV. In this TV series you will find a contemporary Sherlock and Lucy Liu playing the role of Dr.Watson.
Click here to play "spot the difference" with some pictures from the series. 

Watch the video if you want to know about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the writer of Sherlock Holmes:

You can walk the streets of London following the steps of Holmes following the link here: London of Sherlock if you happen to visit London next summer.
Click here if you want to download an audio walk plus a map from the newspaper the guardian.
I have already made it for you:
Download the map (from the Guardian).
Download the audio walk (from the Guardian too).

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