Morning Glory and rave yourself

Morning Glory is the name of a new fitness trend that has become a fashion in London. If you enjoy exercising but find really boring traditional workout, you hate routines,  or if you love eating cronuts (and you have added some inches around your waist) you are one of those ready to enjoy Morning Glory: That is, you will go to an early morning healthy party, you will dance as a crazy person would do and will drink only healthy smoothies, when you finish, you are ready to start your day and go to work.

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Morning Glory means a four-hour dance party with DJs of course. It starts at 6.30 am, but you can drop-in and dance as hard, fast and long as you want. You will feel free, there is no yoga, aerobics or inferiority complexes here: anything goes, and that includes the dance moves: Do as you please.

This is an alcohol free party because it is not an after-hours event, it is a way to replace your workout with this morning rave.
Do you want to try? Book here.

the word rave is used in British slang with the meaning of  a dance party that lasts all night while electronically synthesized music is played. It comes from old french "resver" that means "to wander"

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