Fish and chips

Traditional food from Great Britain, fish and chips can be found in traditional chippy places where you have the fish and chips meal in a communal table or take away it if you prefer.
Long time ago a newspaper was used to pack your fish and chips so you could read the newspaper while you were having lunch.
You can taste different kinds of fish but cod or haddock are among the most popular ones. The fish will always be battered , so you get a  crispy  fish, and yes, you can add some vinegar to this meal!

In old times fish and chips was the cheap meal of people who lived in the East of London, the poor London district.  The origin of this dish is unclear, but some historians think that that meal came into Great Britain from Spain and Portugal introduced by Jewish refugees  (they had to leave those countries in the 15th century).

As you can hear in the video, this meal was already known as working class food in Dickens' times and a fried fish warehouse  appears in Oliver Twist back in the 19th century, but it became really popular during World War 2 because it was the only food that was never rationed during that period of difficulties.

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