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How many self portraits or selfies have you taken with your cell phone? Selfies have become the new fashion all over the world.
Technology is everywhere and so the selfies, that make us pose as if we were any kind of celebrities in our facebook or any other social network.

Selfie or selfy: the new fashion. Above this, you see the top selfie pic of the season, Ellen DeGeneres and many of the Oscar award winners actress and actors.

Selfie: word of the year, read the infographic by The Oxford Dictionaries. Click here to know more.

Learn what is right or wrong about the trend. (The Guardian).

Watch the Thinkinfluencer episode about selfies in the The Guardian.

And there is an app. for that!

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Most amazing selfie? many would agree that it is the above picture of the American astronaut, Aki Hoshide who is following the trend from the International Space Station.

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