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If you look up holiday, in the Oxford learners dictionary you will see the following definition: Holiday,  (also plural): a period of time when you are not at work or school.
So school has finished and you do not need to get up  early. That's great!
I am sure that you will have a lot of time to do all things you can see in the wordle above (and more!).
I have been surfing the web and found some webs for your summer-lazy afternoons:

Music games, get fun with music.

FC songs: Football clubs from around the world songs.

National Geographic kids: a web to explore if you love animals and nature.

17 Bookstores you need to see (if you enjoy reading).

Audibooks for free, just in caase you prefer listening than reading.

Science for kids.

Wildside: It is a popular BBC show in which animals are dubbed with human voices (really funny!).

It is in YouTube too.

Have a great summer.
See you in September.

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