The London Underground

The best means of transport to move along a large city is the underground, or better the tube as it is it known in London,  Subway is the word used by New Yorkers.
London tube was the first underground public transport in the whole word.

London transport system is efficient and safe, it is also the cheapest way to move in that large city (although prices are going to rise next year). The first tube line goes as back as 1.850, and around this means of transport a lot of stories and legends habe been created.
Here you have some of them:
Have you ever heard about the London underground own mosquito species? I am sure that you have not, so follow the link to learn about it.
You should know that as the tube is so old (1800s) and so many changes have taken place in London since then, some old stations are now out of use. The number of stations today working is 270.
150 facts for 150 years of London tube by The Independent.
Ghosts in the tube? follow the link to know.
Or a werewolf...?

And if you go to London, do not forget to buy your Oyster card even if your stay is going to be short, because using it you will save a lot of time and money .

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