About cowbird

Cowbird is the name of a bird of course, but it is also an awesome community of storytellers where you can  create or explore multimedia stories, some of them so beautiful as this one, called the suitcase (a story of first love).
If you look at the picture you will notice that it was made in Spain, during the Civil War and it tells the love story of  Frank, a Canadian from the international volunteers who fought on the Republican side and a young girl from Alcoy. If you listen to the story you will  learn that the storyteller is the volunteer's grandchild who got this suitcase when her grandfather dies and she tells about what this suitcase keeps. I know it can sound a bit difficult to understand in the first moment, but just relax and listen to the story as many times as you want, you will see that it is not so hard (and the reader does it really slowly).

If you decide to explore this website, you will see that not all stories are for listening, many of them are just for reading. And maybe you decide to start telling your own stories!

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