Bansky: Art or vandalism?

Bansky in London.
This is and old post about Bansky:

What do you think about graffiti? do you consider it art or it is simply a way to get dirty walls in our streets? watch the video from podcast in English and answer the following questions:

Where can you see an exhibition of Banksy's work?
What kind of works does Banksy do?
Why is this exhibition so unusual?
Who is Banksy?
How does Bansky paint the graffiti? Does Bansky follow any special skill?
Where can you see his work?
Which animal is a symbol for him/her?
Where has Banksy travelled lately?

Tips: first read the questions carefully and watch and listen to the video in full.
Then watch the video the times you need to get the answers, remember that you can stop it whenever you want.
It is a good idea to have a pen and paper ready at hand to write down your answers. Good luck!

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