Laura's mousse

(With the termomix)


-          100g  sugar
-          300g  chocolate
-          6 eggs, clearly separated from the yolks
-          200g  milk
-          150g  butter
-          Some drops of lemon juice
-          Some salt

     First, Pour milk, egg yolks, butter and sugar in the termomix, program 5minutes, temperature 80º and rate 4.

     Second, add the chopped chocolate, let it soften and crush 15seconds, rate 6. pour into a bowl and let it cool

     Third, thoroughly wash the glass, when it`s cold, put the butterfly on the blades.

     Fourth,  Pour the clearly eggs, the lemon drops and some salt, program 5-6 minutes, rate 2 or ½.

       Fifth, stir the clearly with the chocolate cream very well.

       Sixth, divide in little bowls and put in the fridge.

       Finally, garnish with whipped cream before serving.


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