Enjoy your holidays!

School is just finishing, you can't believe that, isn't it? now it is time of having a great time, going to the beach, meeting your friends and above all, getting fun!!

Here you have some fun links in case you want to explore the web:

Take me back to is a website that will take you to the day of your birth. Just write the date you want and you will see some important events that took place that day.

Power up: A computer game; it takes place in the future, in a planet really far away.

Are you interested in fashion? explore this web, where you can dress Allie.

If you like singing, Tune into English will be your favourite link: choose a song, watch the video and sing along.

Making faces: This is a game: drag and drop the right mouth and eyes to make the faces look happy or sad or some other feeling.

British Council helps you to build your comic strip, then you can send it to your friends.

Some board games to play on line or print.

Storynory: Just if you feel like listening  to a story (you can read the stories too) There is the possibility of downloading the stories or listening to them in a popout window while you surf the web).

And befunky if you want to play with your photos.

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