Cronuts craze

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Are you fond of sweet things? then you will love cronuts. But what is a cronut? this fashion started in New York:

You can say that a cronut is a cross between a doughnut and a croissant, with a creamy filling in its layers of pastry and with a sweet top.
Dominique Ansel is the name of the pastry chef who makes them, and cronut has become a trademark of Ansel too.
Now the craze has crossed the ocean and you can taste this delicatessen in  London. The fashion is here and it seems, it will stay for long.

they say that Dominique first invented the cronut when he wanted to make a snack for his staff and decided to mix the doughnut recipe with that of a croissant and, before he knew it, there were queues of people outside his bakery waiting to buy a cronut,  and that happens two hours before it opens!
Cronuts popularity is  increasing each day, they are the awesome snack, and , believe it or not, there is a black market of cronuts with people trying to sell them at a really high price!
It seems that cronuts are the first of a trend of new food and new words.
Click to read and listen to the podcast about cronuts in London from PRI.

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