Malala the brave

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Meet Malala Yousafzai, the brave girl from North Pakistan, that country where there is a rule that forbids girls to attend school. Malala became an activist against that rule and  that made many people angy in that region so she was shot in her head and neck by a gunman when she was coming home from school.
She had made something that the Taliban could not stand: she spoke out out for education and wrote a blog in Urdu about that topic.
After she was so badly injured she was taken to a London hospital for medical care.
She has recovered from her surgery and she lives now in the UK.
She recently spoke to the United Nations Youth Assembly about the importance of education for girls:

Read her speech in the UN.
The UN declared her birthday, July 12, Malala Day.
Malala is not the only girl to be denied the right to education.
And unfortunately Malala is not the only victim.

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