Language games

Play with words, play with language, a game a day! the Internet offers loads of websites to get fun with words, here you have some links to find them:
For the youngest students:
Games Zone. Choose the game you prefer, some of them are online but some of them can be downloaded if you prefer.
Here it is the popular hangman game, there are many different versions of the hangman game in the web, this one gives you the opportunity to choose the topic, so it is not a difficult version.
Arcade language games
Digital Games:English Language Games (with audio).

Do you like scrabble? play scrabble against the clock.

Personalize funny videos at Bombay TV by Graphéine - creation de logo

Subtitle your own movie

For older students:
Macmillan dictionary has got some language games for revision.

The Great Language Game: my favourite. Switch on the sound of your computer, grab the headphones and see how many languages are you able to identify.

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