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On this day in the year 1954 the first vaccination of children against polio took place, and how do I know? because I have checked The New York Times front page for that date.
When is your birthday? Do you know what happened the day that you were born? Easy! just explore the website called On this day , it is a webpage in the New York Times learning network, you just choose the day you prefer, ie, your birthday date, and explore the New York Times front page for that date.
The BBC also allows you to explore history just picking the day you please.
there are some other webs on the matter:

what happened in my birth year? You write the year you are interested on and wait a little, then you can read a lot of information about that time, only remember that this website was made in the US so most of the information is relevant for people who grew up in there.

dates in history

Millennium milestones if you want to expore the highlights of the millennium.

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