Babe a polite sheepdog

Babe is a nice pig who wants to become the perfect sheepdog, you can see that it is hard for Babe to lead the sheep, and the success comes when Babe moves the sheep with no force but politeness.

A request is asking another people to do something, if you do not want to be a rude person when you talk in English, you must try to be nice and polite when you make a request.

Here you have some nice ways to ask your friend to do something:

Can you
Will you
Could you 
pass me the dictionary, please?
would you mind helping me with my luggage ?

Click to listen to some examples by the BBC.
You usually use a modal verb to make a request: check the video by the British Council.
Watch this talk by Matt Cutts called "try something new for 30 days".
It is one of Ted's talks.

Would you like to try a new activity for the next 30 days?

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