Watch TV and learn English

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The Internet is full of websites that can help you to learn English, many of them with videos that can be interesting and great fun at the same time.
Here you have some links:
BBC Learning English a classic website. Also in YouTube .

Ted Talks  Listen to some of the world’s most inspired thinkers and feel free to discuss and debate these ideas with some other people. If you do not understand, don't panic! they are subtitled in diferent languages (Of course, English too) and there is a transcription of all talks.

British Council  another classic website.
Learn English and feel good  is a website where you can watch a video and do some comprehension exercises.

Simple English videos  explore the different levels.
ESL video songs and documentaries with quizzes.

And if you want to review your grammar, try one of the English Grammar Games by Woodward English.

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